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Saliva is nature's glue.

And raisins are nature's candy!

4 January 1979
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  • ktknievel@livejournal.com
Yes, I've been around LJ for quite a number of years on this journal and my original. No, I don't update very often because for me, Live Journal is all about the communities.

I comment lots - post little.

If this is in regards to something from worldofwarcraft, please contact me here rather then our personal journals. If you need to contact me privately, please use the LJ email address as it forwards to me pretty quickly.

If you need to contact me about something in the baaaaabyanimals community, you can contact myself (and the rest of us) based on the instructions here.

If you need someone regarding either community and you need help immediately, just comment in one of my posts and it will be emailed to me and I'll get on it right away. I'm usually lurking around the 'net at very odd hours throughout the day and night.

For anything else, just ask!

My World of Warcraft Mood theme was made by slidewithme
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